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The funny thing is that softcore porn actually does exist and there are a lot of big names there (for the indians). Basically, the movies have that same scenario and usually focus on a girl in a shower scene, sometimes actually showing some nudity. It all started with my journey in India. I didn't know what to expect as the whole idea of indian women that was being fed to us by the media was that crazy image of a girl heavily dressed with a red dot on her forehead singing and dancing in a romantic movie or soap opera. We're supported by the Indian Government as we're known for our services (plus, I know some people). It's simple: you won't find on any other site on the web the girls you'll find here. See the girl on the right ? Her name is Anish. And as her name states, she is just way more supreme than other live chat Indian girls on the web. Just look at that innocent look, it's got beauty written all over it! And those tits??are simply perfect. Their are two types of Indian women, one that is very conservative and stills adheres to the tradition and The modern Indian woman that has embrace the modernistic of the world and uses it to her advancement. If you are in lucky Indian women are scattered all through out the world being successful in their field of work but they are still through to where they came from so if your a white guy trying to hook up with one hot Indian lass. They always have a weak spot once you are able to make one laugh, you already have their heart. And once you have the heart, you'll get what we are talking about. India girls opening up their hearts, and their clothes! You're the man!

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